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Pet Sitting Software

Everything you need, and more...

Pet Sitter Plus is the UK’s fastest growing pet sitting software company. Pet Sitter Plus is an online scheduling and invoicing software system designed specifically for pet sitters. The software reduces the time it takes to perform repetitive administrative tasks allowing pet sitters to focus on looking after pets and growing their businesses.

Pet Sitter Plus is ideal for both Dog walking or Cat sitting businesses, and is customizable to cover many other animals, ranging from fish, guinea pigs, chinchillas, reptiles right up to donkeys and horses. 


Running a pet sitting business means that you need a full client, pet, vet and routine database that enables pet sitters to keep track of all key client data and store important information about job visit routines. Our client features include client mobile and portal, instant visit reports, online payments, plus simple invoicing and repeat scheduling. Easily updated Client & Pet profiles and 3-way messaging hub keeps everyone up to date.

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The staff dashboard enables staff to easily and simply check-in and out of visits on their mobile phone. They can also send a visit report to the client which is a really useful feature for clients that have booked vacation visits and want to know their pets and home are safe. The staff dashboard also provides compensation information so that your pet sitters know at all times what they are being paid and they can also easily book vacations. Booked vacations are notified to administrators via emails so that scheduled services can then easily be moved to another pet sitter. 

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Scheduling of recurring services – this really powerful feature allows pet sitters to store the details of all regular client orders so that they can be scheduled in a single action in seconds. Any changes that were made in the schedule are automatically updated in the service order and so are automatically reflected on the client's invoice. This function removes the danger of services being “ignored” which is so often the case with manual entry systems.

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To save you literally days of time when compared to manual systems, our pet sitting software introduces the bulk invoicing feature that allows invoices for repeat services to be sent to clients in a single action via email. To encourage clients to pay via internet banking, your bank details are included on invoices which means simpler and quicker receipts processing. Integrate with QuickBooks Online for auto transmission of clients, invoices, payments, services and more.

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One of the excellent reporting functions of Pet Sitter Plus is the ability to produce lists of outstanding invoices so that clients who owe you money are easily identifiable. Those clients can then be emailed with a polite request for payment, including a duplicate invoice which can be a very effective method when it comes to improving collection of outstanding monies.

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Is your software as customizable as you would like? When it comes to client information, pet information and visit reports, Pet Sitter Plus lets you customize in everything. Create your own pages of information, create sections within pages and then store any type of data such as single line fields, true or false fields, date fields, drop down lists and notepads. You can also upload documents, PDFs and images for clients to download.

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Software is one of the best on the market

"After having this program for over a year - it has completely changed my business and personal life as an owner. No second guessing, credit/debit payments are so easy, tracking and email of sitters and the updates to clients are a hit. Customer service is always so nice and guides me through questions when they come up."

Amber V-D.

Atta Boy! Animal Care

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