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Staff Management

Manage your team with ease

Staff Management in Pet Sitter Plus is about enabling Pet Sitters to deliver outstanding customer service using a simple, modern and clean interface with the minimum of fuss.


With features ranging from schedules to client access, key management to time off, GPS check-in and out to staff pay and tips, time recording to visit reports and our secure messaging hub, your staff – and clients – will love it.


If you are thinking of expanding your pet sitting business or just want to make some improvements to the way you work now, our impressive Staff Management functionality helps business managers to maintain service delivery standards, whilst also helping to support and promote a happy working environment for your staff. 


This one-stop shop has every function a pet sitter needs to deliver a truly outstanding service. At Pet Sitter Plus, we know that not all pet sitting businesses are made the same way, which is why this module is super flexible and can be tailored to support the needs of your individual business. 

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Required Keys List

The Required Keys Lists means that pet sitters can view a list of all the keys that are required to complete their schedule for the day but that are not yet in their own possession. The list contains important information on the current whereabouts of keys helping pet sitters easily track them down. Optional settings mean that pet sitters can be empowered to update the location of individual key information as they get passed around the business.  


Flexible "Per Service" Staff Pay

For pet sitters who are paid on a “per service” basis, flexible staff pay conditions stored in Pet Sitter Plus mean that your staff can be paid at different rates depending on many criteria including length of service, day of the week, public holidays, type of service, time of day etc.


The Staff Pay report provides a useful summary of payments owed to pet sitters with easy access to detailed information for each employee or contractor. 

If you are already an employer or thinking about an employee model, we recommend taking a closer look at our Staff Activity Report. Not only is it a great place to monitor how each pet sitter is progressing with their day, but it also contains accurate timesheet information to support hourly paid employees.  

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In this digital world, the advent of messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have set a high standard. Clients want to feel connected in real time with their suppliers, and so our integrated messagin hub allows pet sitters, clients and business owners to collaborate and share conversations like never before. 

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From junior pet sitters to senior administrators, the flexible options allow you to grant access to only the parts of the program that are appropriate to their job role using a simple control panel. 

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Staff Time Off

Staff can request time off that is then approved by business managers.  


Any time off conflicts are displayed in the schedule with services highlighted if the pet sitter assigned is not actually available due to booked time off. 

Reminders and To-Do items

Some of the tasks you ask your staff to perform are not necessarily chargeable service activities and might not even be things you would want your clients to know about. For example, you might want a sitter to attend an internal training session or you might have a requirement to remind your staff to call a client before a vacation visit is due. Pet Sitter Plus supports the concept of “internal services” which are services that are not seen by clients but appear in the Staff Dashboard so that staff can understand their internal “To-do” items, such as pre and post service follow ups.  


Money Well Spent = Happy Days

"This will save time and headaches with all aspects of business from invoicing to planning diaries and staff. I love Petsitter and wouldn't be without it now. Thanks to all the team who have made my life easier:) I cannot fault this software and can not recommend it highly enough, if you have a pet business you should have this software!!!! (I'm not being paid for this review!!!)"

Angie T.


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