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Configure & Customize

Discover how to customize your software, your way

If you’re currently running a pet sitting business or thinking about starting one up, you will know that your pricing rules, the breadth of services you offer & your operating procedures are ultimately what makes you stand out from the crowd.  

Pet Sitter Plus is designed with flexibility at its heart, providing you with all the functionality you need to reflect not only the business that you are today, but also the business that you are likely to become as you change and grow over time.  


If you have a complex pricing structure, then with Pet Sitter Plus you are in great hands. Our team of highly experienced software coaches are on standby to help you to replicate your pricing policies so that scheduling becomes simple and accurate.

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Pet sitting businesses that provide a wide portfolio of services will find that Pet Sitter Plus offers true flexibility when it comes to their scheduling setup, which means that clients find it easier and more logical when they book services online. 

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Whatever rules you have in place for paying staff, Pet Sitter Plus provides flexibility so that you can completely automate the calculation of staff pay to produce reports for each pay period that will be accurate and reliable. 

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The Pet Sitter Plus time recording module is designed to work for any type of pet sitting business including those with solo and group walking models. Options include work and travel time plus lunch breaks.

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From junior pet sitters to senior administrators, the flexible options allow you to grant access to only the parts of the program that are appropriate to their job role using a simple control panel. 

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Clear communication helps to reduce client queries and improves your overall customer experience and the comprehensive suite of pre-built email templates will speed up communication and create a professional image for your business that your clients will love.

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Pet Sitter Plus is powerful so that you can customise just about anything in your client and pet profile helping you to create something quite unique for your business. Use Custom Fields to organise information into pages, sections and fields, choose from a long list of different types of data including dates, drop down lists and notepads. Control who has access to your data and use our advanced “display conditions” to keep things simple by showing data only when it becomes relevant.  

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Add your own colors and logo to your client portal and login screens, including links to your Facebook and Instagram, to enhance your client's experience and provide a seamless transition from your website to the client portal.  

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Using the advanced service configuration options in Pet Sitter Plus, business owners have the ability to create intelligent services which means that the resulting system is easier to use and more logical for business owners, staff and clients alike. 

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Configure your schedule with a wide range of settings that help business owners to tailor their scheduling experience and select how much information administrators and staff can view.

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Invoice Settings

Pet Sitter Plus supports a wide range of options to help business owners to tailor their invoicing experience for example; An option to show service times and sitter names on the invoice plus another setting will allow multiple invoices to be created for each order (or otherwise restrict to one). An auto billing function permits the collection of payments from credit cards in bulk at the same time as creating a batch of invoices. There are also many options to tailor the information on the invoice itself by adding to and amending a variety of text boxes.  

Computer showing credit card and ACH for dog walking software from Pet Sitter Plus

Credit Card and ACH Setup

The credit card payment function in Pet Sitter Plus is powered by Stripe which is designed to make life simple. If you are new to Stripe you can apply for an account in minutes and can usually be taking payments within just a few hours. Alternatively, if you already have a Stripe account, then in most circumstances you should be able to associate it with your Pet Sitter Plus account. 


Stripe also supports ACH (available in the USA only) which provides an option to allow clients to use their bank accounts to make payments. This system has several benefits including lower fees.

Sales Tax Settings

Pet Sitter Plus support most forms of tax regimes including Sales Tax, VAT and GST.  


Plus, if your business is based in the USA and operates across county lines, you may have to charge different tax rates to different clients which is a fully supported option in Pet Sitter Plus.  


Money Well Spent = Happy Days

"This will save time and headaches with all aspects of business from invoicing to planning diaries and staff. I love Petsitter and wouldn't be without it now. Thanks to all the team who have made my life easier:) I cannot fault this software and can not recommend it highly enough, if you have a pet business you should have this software!!!! (I'm not being paid for this review!!!)"

Angie T.


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