Totally Customize your Client and Pet Database

Create something unique

Pet Sitter Plus is so powerful that you can customise just about anything in your client and pet profile, helping you to create something quite unique for your business. Use Custom Fields to organise information into pages, sections and fields, choose from a long list of different types of data including dates, drop down lists and notepads. Control who has access to your data and use our advanced “display conditions” to keep things simple by showing data only when it becomes relevant.

Organize information how you like

Storing information so that it makes sense to staff and clients alike takes a bit of thought which is why Pet Sitter Plus lets you organise your information in any way you like using pages, sections and fields.

Once you have decided what pieces of information you want to store (we call them fields), you can then group your fields into sections and then sections become pages. Its powerful and its fun. For the best client experience Pet Sitter Plus lets you present your information in an impressive and logical way using pages, sections and fields.

Store whatever you like

Creating a meaningful questionnaire or a useful page if information often requires lots of flexibility and sometimes requires many different types of data. With Pet Sitter Plus your sections can contain a wide variety of data including, text fields, notepads, date fields, true or false fields, drop down lists, image fields (for storing photos), address fields and more. We also support fields that will behave a certain way when clicked such as web address fields, file uploads and email addresses.

Control access to your information

When you create a piece of information in Pet Sitter Plus, there is sometimes a lot to consider. Is this information private? Do I want my staff to see it? Can clients update it?

Using access controls in Custom Fields you can hide or reveal whole pages of information or control access right down to individual field level. For example, if you need only your field managers or experienced pet sitters to be able to see and update certain information that is no problem.

With Custom Fields you have the power and flexibility control access to information independently for both clients and pet sitters.

Show only relevant content

When it comes to providing information, we all like things to be simple, so to help you present your questionnaires in the simplest possible way our “Display Conditions” function will hide information until it becomes relevant.

So, for example, using “Display Conditions” a whole section of questions could be hidden and only revealed if someone answers yes to the question “Does your pet require medication?

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