Quickbooks Integration

Does Pet Sitter Plus integrate with Quickbooks?

Many people who already use an accounting software package such as Quickbooks understandably feel they would like some sort of integration, but the fact is that once Pet Sitter Plus is installed as your front line invoicing tool, integration with an accounting software solution such as QuickBooks is no longer as difficult or important as you might have thought.

Pet Sitter Plus is an excellent accounts receivable system in its own right. Think of it as "one half" of an accounting system (the bit that deals with invoices and cash receipts).

We support:

  • invoicing in advance of service.

  • invoicing at the end of service.


We also support billing of any service interval for example:

  • weekly

  • bi-weekly

  • monthly

  • every 4 weeks etc.

Also, because of the integration between the service schedule and our invoicing program, we are able to easily produce more detailed, itemized and accurate invoices than it is possible to achieve using an accounting software package alone.

We understand and support all major sales tax regimes around the world such as Sales Tax, GST, UST, HST and VAT and we also offer a comprehensive suite of accounts receivable reports which include, bulk invoicing, past due report (aged debt), Invoice report, TAX report (VAT and sales tax liabilities) and receipt / revenue analysis by service type.

So from a functional point of view, Pet Sitter Plus provides all the key requirements of an accounts receivable (invoicing) system for pet sitters.

computer showing quickbooks integration tools for dog walker software in Pet Sitter Plus

So if you have Pet Sitter Plus installed, do you still need QuickBooks (or any other accounting solution)?

Well the answer to that is maybe.....


Some clients are quite happy to operate using Pet Sitter Plus as a complete solution on which to run their business. Consequently some do not operate a separate accounting solution at all. Any accountant should be happy to use the revenue reports that are available from Pet Sitter Plus to generate a set of accounts. 


However, as your pet sitting business grows, you may find that there is functionality in an accounting system that becomes essential for the management of your larger business.


So if you feel you need to operate an accounting solution alongside Pet Sitter Plus there are two ways to approach this, as follows:

Option One
The Simple Method – Using a Sales Receipt

This is perhaps the most easy and popular method. With a full and detailed history of invoicing data securely stored in Pet Sitter Plus, there is no real need to duplicate this information in your accounting solution. This means that there is no need to maintain a list of clients in your accounting solution and there is also no need to post individual invoices and individual client receipts.


No need to record the detail

Standalone accounting solutions such as Xero and QuickBooks will function quite happily as long as they know how much revenue (cash) you received on any given day. As long as the internal bank account in your accounting software balances with your actual bank statement, all will be well. So by taking the total figure of cash received from the relevant Pet Sitter Plus reports and posting this to your accounting software as a sales receipt, (one time posting) revenue integration can be achieved with little effort.


Also there is an added bonus in that when daily revenue is posted to your accounting software such that the bank then balances, this is a great indicator that all receipts in Pet Sitter Plus have been posted correctly. So the process of posting a sales receipt into your accounting solution based on data taken from Pet sitter Plus is itself a good cross check that receipting has been done correctly in Pet Sitter Plus.

With the simple method, you do not need to record clients or invoices in your accounting software solution.

Option Two
The Detailed Method

Using the detailed  method, our clients continue to maintain an up to date list of clients in their accounting software but all the detailed client and pet information is now stored in Pet Sitter Plus. Consequently only the basic client name and address data is required to be stored in the accounting software.


On a monthly or weekly basis, it is then a simple exercise to create an invoice list from Pet Sitter Plus and to transfer this summary information manually into the accounting software. Marking invoices as paid is another fairly simple exercise which involves entering the data available from the Pet Sitter Plus receipts report into the accounting software.

Please note that if you are a UK based pet sitting company that is VAT registered then you will have to;

a) Use 

Accounting software is no longer mission critical when using Pet Sitter Plus

When discussing the role of accounting software with some of our larger clients, they tell us that because Pet Sitter Plus has replaced their accounting software as the front line invoicing tool, it is no longer a requirement that the accounting software be kept up to date in real time.

Consequently accounting system software can be updated with invoice and cash receipting information as and when the time allows and this process can happily lag behind day to day operational jobs.


Typically updating the invoice and receipt information is done either at the end of the week or even just once a month. As Pet Sitter Plus is now your front line invoicing tool of choice, your accounting software is no longer "mission critical” and so does not have to reflect the most up to date position of your business. Updating the account solution can therefore be done at a time to suit you.