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Boarding, Daycare, Overnights Planner

Manage your resources

Pet Sitter Plus recognises the demands and strains of managing your busy pet sitting business. From small solo contractors to larger businesses offering a variety of services and staff spread over multiple sites, the Planner provides a powerful tool for business owners and administrators to take the stress out of service and staff scheduling.

The Planner provides a multi-feature approach to viewing, assigning and service tracking by staff and service groups. This feature is extremely beneficial to businesses juggling multiple staff providing a variety of services such as boarding, daycare, overnights, pet visits or even dog walking teams. Our Planner provides resource management at your fingertips!

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iMac and Mobile showing general Planner settings in dog walking software from Pet Sitter Plus
Icon showing configuration and settings for the Planner

Configure the Planner your way

We know at Pet Sitter Plus that managing staff resources for multiple services such as boarding, or daycare can be challenging and time consuming. Keep your finger on the pulse of staff availability from their Planner views.

Stay within your total capacity boundaries by utilising the company planner view which provides total counts of service groups for past, current and future bookings. Configuring your Planner puts you in control of your resources.

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Laptop showing the Planner in dog daycare software from Pet Sitter Plus
Icon for scheduling in the Resource Planner as an alternative

Scheduling: an alternative view

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We know that not one size fits all at Pet Sitter Plus, which is why our Planner gives you an alternative to viewing, editing, and monitoring your workload. Initially providing a daily visual count of scheduled services by group, accessing your client/pet information, services or invoices has never been easier.

Moving effortlessly around Pet Sitter Plus is so important to us, we know you need to access key information as quickly as possible. This is why all our features are only a few clicks away. Scheduling is no different! Simply click on your booked services within the Planner and in a blink of an eye, access Client/Pet Information, Invoices, Services and so much more.

iPad showing Staff Time Off in the Planner in Dog Daycare software from Pet Sitter Plus
Icon for scheduling time off conflicts in the Planner

Scheduling conflicts? No problem

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Take the headache out of remembering when your staff have scheduled time off, the Planner will show you!

Always be aware if your staff are unavailable for work with the staff time off alerts in the Planner.

A red dot appears in the Planner when staff have time off scheduled.. a helpful reminder not to book any services for them on that day. Should a scheduling error occur... we have that covered too!

When a staff member has time off scheduled, even if services have been booked for them, the service and count for that day will be visible in red, helpfully highlighting the need to re-assign the service to another member of staff.

Mobile showing My Planner and check in/Out of Dog Daycare software from Pet Sitter Plus
Icon for Checking in/out and viewing services clients and invoices

And that's not all...

As well as being able to view your daily, weekly or monthly scheduled services at a glance, our Planner has even more helpful features to speed up your daily admin tasks.... here’s a few to shout about!

Check in and out of services : Staff can now check in and out direct from the Planner saving time in Daycare

Color coding to identify capacity levels : Easily see days when you are full and also when you are over-booked.

Access client and pet accounts : Jump straight to your client and pet information from the Planner.

Easy access to client service orders and/or invoices : Jump straight into the order for quick editing of a service, or view the client invoice.

Service editing : Change a day, price, sitter or add a note to a service in a couple of clicks.

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