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Chat Hub (Beta)


Simple and straightforward

In this digital world, the advent of messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have set a high standard, which means that clients want to feel connected in real time with their suppliers.  


Previously texting and emailing clients outside the Pet Sitter Plus application meant that business critical client/sitter conversations were not shared and sometimes this led to issues with client relationship management.  


To meet this challenge, Pet Sitter Plus is developing an integrated chat hub that allows pet sitters, clients and business owners to collaborate and share conversations like never before.  


3-Way Messaging

Using the Pet Sitter Plus integrated messaging hub, all sitter/client conversations are transparent and accessible to the business managers. Collaboration therefore becomes simple and straightforward, and the client relationship can more easily be understood and managed by the business.  


Whether you need to discuss issues from a recent visit report or to simply say thank you or well done, the Pet Sitter Plus communications hub is a secure way to manage communication with clients that can easily be monitored by business managers. 

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