Requesting Services Online

Putting you in control

If you are new to software, the concept of allowing clients to request pet sitting services online could seem a bit daunting. What if I’m already overbooked? What if I cannot find a pet sitter to service the request?

We offer a full range of functions to help you manage all aspects of your clients' online bookings.

Service Requests

While clients can request services online, our software uses a two-stage process to put you back in control. Initially your client sends a service request that is received by you for processing. Service requests are temporary records that do not enter your schedule until approved.

Request using “time”, time blocks” “anytime” or “all day

Often, allowing your clients to request a service at a specific time can lead to concerns about scheduling conflicts or miss-set expectations of service delivery. If that is true for you, then you will like our “time blocks” feature that limits request options to a series of pre-set “time windows” that are created by you during setup (eg. 2:00pm – 4:00pm).

There are, however, clients that like to allow clients to request certain services at a specific time (and those who like to mix and match) so for those clients we support an option to allow service requests with a specific time.

For those who offer boarding or day care it might be more appropriate to use our “Anytime” or “all day” service time types.

Add Notes

Notes can be added at the time of scheduling so that your clients can let you know about special instructions and circumstances, eg. to request a time for their walk.

Manage Large Volumes of Service Requests

If you are a mid- to large-sized pet sitting business (some of our clients’ process hundreds of requests a day), then you will probably need a flexible service request dashboard where you can make notes and communicate with clients and staff to ensure you can deliver.

Using our powerful service request processing dashboard, you can keep notes about the progress of requests, email staff and clients, drill into client records, check existing schedules and generally keep track of pending requests. If your business employs more than one administrator, this is a great place for them to collaborate on managing service requests that are still pending.

Automated Service Confirmations

Once your service request process is complete, scheduling your requests is a simple mouse click. After scheduling, your clients will automatically receive an email confirming their requested pet sitting services have been schedule and confirmed.

Configuration Options

Administrators can disable the option to allow their clients to book and cancel online as well as tailor the request and confirmation emails. The request and confirmation emails can also (optionally) be disabled if required.

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