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Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing

Easy, secure online payments

As your business grows, cash collection can quickly become the cause of sleepless nights. Relying on clients to leave cash on the kitchen counter and then having to rely on staff to handle the money will start to feel like hard work. Even if your clients transfer funds via internet banking you still face the task of matching your bank statement with outstanding invoices in Pet Sitter Plus.


If you have found that you are spending a lot of time handling cash or processing payments, then the Pet Sitter Plus integrated payments solution will save you time and money and your clients will love the convenience. 


Stripe for Payment Processing

Pet Sitter Plus is fully integrated with Stripe for credit or debit card payment processing which means you can offer a modern, market leading payments solution with the minimum of fuss. Applying for an account takes only minutes and, in most circumstances, you will be able to start taking payments on the same day you apply for an account.  

Pet Sitter Plus payments solution is simple. Your clients will not need a Stripe account, nor will they be aware that you are using Stripe when they enter their credit or debit card details to make a payment. 


Choose from a range of options such as Pay Now where clients login and enter their card details to make a payment or alternatively implement Automatic Payments where credit card details are securely stored and payments are taken at the time you create your invoices, speeding up payment times and reducing the need for credit control. 

PC showing credit card processing for pet sitting software in Pet Sitter Plus

Pay Now Solutions

There are a number of ways Pet Sitter Plus can help you to manage your payments, the most common of which is Pay Now*. With Pay Now you typically email your invoice to your client who is prompted make a payment with a debit or credit card. Clients have the option to securely store their credit card details for ease of future payments. 


Pay Now is the preferred payment method for businesses that want their clients to be in control of when they make payments. 

*processing fees apply

Automated Payments

If getting paid fast and reducing the time you spend on credit control are your priorities then the Pet Sitter Plus Automated Payments solution will be a perfect fit*.  


When using Automated Payments clients are required to keep a valid credit or debit card securely stored on their account so that payments can be taken at the time you create your invoices. 


The benefits of Automated Payments when compared to Pay Now are huge. Automated Payments can be used in combination with bulk invoicing to create all your invoices and take payments from stored credit cards in a single action meaning that your cash is received into your bank within 2 days and there is no longer a need to rely on clients to make the payment themselves. Your clients receive a professional invoice via email confirming the transaction for their records.  


Use Automated Payments to take your cash collection to the next level and reduce time spent on credit control. 

*processing fees apply

ACH logo for bank account payments for pet sitting software in Pet Sitter Plus

ACH (USA Only)

ACH is available in the USA to allow clients to use their bank accounts rather than their credit cards to pay for pet sitting services. The benefits include reduced processing fees, for example the fee for processing a transaction using ACH is just 1.2% compared to a typical fee of 2.9% +30c per transaction for credit cards, so the savings can soon add up.  


Your clients will see a benefit too as, unlike a credit card, their bank account has no expiry date, so using ACH will eliminate the need for your clients to revisit their account to update card information when it expires. 

Credit Card Security

Security comes as standard as all credit card information is stored on Stripe’s own PCI compliant servers (no credit card data is ever stored in Pet Sitter Plus). To better understand the steps we took in securing your data, you can review the Stripe Integration Security Guide.



For your clients who still wish to use PayPal, Pet Sitter Plus offers an option to use PayPal for payment processing which takes less than a minute to setup and supports Pay Now. So, if you have a lot of clients that insist on using their PayPal accounts then Pet Sitter Plus offers a simple solution that is quick to setup. 

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