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Advanced Service Configuration

Create logical, intelligent services

There’s more to running a pet sitting business than first meets the eye which is why different types of services such as walking, visits, boarding and dog daycare often need to behave differently in the software.

Using the advanced service configuration options in Pet Sitter Plus, business owners are able to create "intelligent" services which means that the resulting system is easier to use and more logical for business owners, staff and clients alike.

computer showing marketing reports tools for dog walker software in Pet Sitter Plus
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Computer showing service item configuration for dog walking software for dog walkers cat and pet sitters
Icon for service item configuration for dog walker software for dog walking and pet sitters

Service configuration for multiple situations

Pet Sitter Plus supports a wide range of options to help you “program” your services to behave the way you would expect, supporting all these scenarios... Do you want time to be recorded for a service? Would you like to receive a notification if the sitter does not check in? Should the service appear in the schedule or is it purely a financial transaction like an admin fee? Should this service be available for clients to book online? Is this an internal service like a “to do” list item reminding a staffer to phone a client? Is an alert required about availability of keys for this type of service? How much notice is required if a client books or cancels this service online?

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