Complex pricing? We've got your back!

If you have a complex pricing structure, then with Pet Sitter Plus you are in great hands. Our team of highly experienced software coaches are on standby to help you to replicate your pricing policies so that scheduling becomes easy. With your pricing rules in place, you can relax knowing that each scheduled service will have the correct sale price calculated automatically every time by Pet Sitter Plus.

Discounts and Surcharges

Pricing options also include automatic discounts for regular service users and automated calculation of surcharges for out of hours services, weekends and public holidays.

Automation of Pricing Rules and Surcharges

Applying pricing changes

If you have changed your prices recently, then you might already have a set of clients paying your old rates while new clients buy services based on your new rates. If this sounds familiar, then relax, we’ve got your back. Pet Sitter Plus fully supports grandfathered pricing so that when your pricing policies change, established clients can remain on your old prices while new clients adopt your newer prices.

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