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How the right software can really change how you run your dog daycare centre

Running a pet sitting business can be extremely time-consuming from the point of view of organisation and administration. If you start small and are only caring for 10 or 15 dogs you can probably manage it on your own, but as you grow the business and increase the workload plus start taking on staff to carry out the dog walking and other functions, the administration becomes much harder to get right. One client wants their dog looked after five days a week, the next only needs Tuesday and Thursday, another brings their dog into your day care centre and collects him again, but another wants you to pick up the dog and return it in the late afternoon – the different scenarios are endless!

The more dogs you care for, the greater the problem becomes, and if you are not careful you can spend most of your day on paperwork trying to keep up, rather than on developing your business. This is where the software for dog day care developed by Pet Sitter Plus is something that most dog day care operators simply cannot do without.

One such dog daycare centre that experienced these issues is Halo Dogs, one of the largest dog day care centres in London, England. Justin Kumaran, who runs the centre, says: “At Halo Dogs we produce a fully itemized invoice once a month for each of our customers. This used to be a nightmare to process because we had to transfer detailed service information manually from Google Calendar to our accounts system. This was horribly laborious and also prone to errors that cost time and sometimes money (when we missed a service off an invoice for example). Just before we upgraded, our month-end invoicing run was taking a whole working week to process.”

After using these ‘off the shelf’ software packages to try to manage their invoicing and booking, they turned to Pet Sitter Plus as a solution that “ticked 99% of the boxes but also provided features we hadn’t even considered”. Since changing over to Pet Sitter Plus, he says “we have reduced the time it takes to raise our invoices at the month end from around five working days to less than 10 minutes and if that were not enough, we recoup more than the cost of the software just because we have stopped missing services off our invoices!”

“We have reduced the time it takes to raise our invoices from around five working days to less than 10 minutes.”

Pet Sitter Plus takes care of all the day to day organisation and was developed by people who have actually run a pet sitting business themselves, so they know all of the problems first hand. It has been devised by people who have been in the trenches personally – according to Justin “Pet Sitter Plus has been designed by someone who understands our business and clearly understands theirs.” So you can be sure that Pet Sitter Plus will handle all of your problems over timing, staff who work full time, staff who work part time, clients who change their requirements from one month to another, clients who are going on holiday, invoicing – which is crucial – and a whole lot more.

Pet Sitter Plus also includes a mobile app which means that sitters and walkers can log in on their mobile and access their list of jobs and also see if admin has changed something because of a client’s altered requirements. This app means that any special instructions will not be missed.


Find out more about how Pet Sitter Plus can help you by signing up for a FREE 30-DAY no obligation Trial or ask us for a Demonstration of the software.


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