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Meet Jon Roff, owner of My Best Friend Dog Care

I launched My Best Friend in May 2015 after a long career in the travel industry, so working in dog care was a complete change of direction for me. When I started the business I always had a plan to grow and develop though franchise partnerships, but to do this I knew I would need a stable and user-friendly software platform.

For the first year of operating My Best Friend Dog Care, West Oxfordshire we managed all of our day to day activities and client data management using spread sheets and forms which quickly became unsustainable. Add to that a separate system for invoicing and before long I was spending a great deal of time doing admin and not focusing on growing the business.

“Before long I was spending a great deal of time doing admin and not focusing on growing the business.”

Before we launched our franchise proposition it was very important that I identified the right software provider to work with and then to test the system and build policies and procedures that could be used by our franchisees.

After extensive research I chose to use Pet Sitter Plus and was very glad I did. From the off, Jackie and her team have – time after time – proven themselves to be invaluable. At every turn they have offered help, advice and solutions and do a great job in helping me on-board new franchise partners.

“Pet Sitter Plus does everything I need it to do.”

Pet Sitter Plus does everything I need it to do. From initial client registrations, through to invoicing and gathering post service feedback it helps me do it all. The client portal is a great feature and really makes us stand out from the competition and the mobile site makes it easy to manage your business when you are up to your eyes in dogs!

If you are looking for a complete, cost effective software solution for your dog care business then look no further.


Find out more about how Pet Sitter Plus can help you by signing up for aFREE 30-DAY no obligation Trial or ask us for a Demonstration of the software.


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