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Am I protecting my reputation and my risk?

Interactive monitoring

Today’s world is changing fast, and the explosion of cheap tech means that clients have access to a bewildering array of cost-effective internet enabled home surveillance systems. This explosion means that ultimately your own clients might know more about any service delivery shortfalls way before you do. It is possible for a rogue staffer who stays for just 3 minutes of a 20-minute home visit to do untold reputational damage if they are not discovered quickly.

To help you get ahead of the curve and to protect you from such risks, Pet Sitter Plus supports a wide range of service delivery monitoring systems that can help you to spot problems before they cost you your reputation.

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Computer showing service analysis report for pet sitting software
Icon for service analysis report for dog walking software from Pet Sitter Plus

Service Analysis Report

We all like to get what we pay for, right? So, to help your pet sitting business monitor how well you are delivering against your promises, the Service Analysis report is here to help.

Many pet sitting businesses offer different length services for example 20, 30, 45 and 60-minute services are commonplace, but none of us likes to be short changed. So, to help spot service delivery shortfalls, the Service Analysis report displays the average time each of your pet sitters has spent delivering the various service durations you offer.

Use the Service Analysis report to see at a glance when service level agreements have been breached and avoid reputational damage before it is too late to do anything about it.

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Laptop showing staff activity report for dog walkers and pet sitters
Icon for staff activity for pet sitting software from Pet Sitter Plus

Staff Activity Report

The Staff Activity report is one of our most comprehensive “map based” interactive reports that is essential for anyone managing a team of pet sitters. Use this report to see immediately when a pet sitter is falling behind on their schedule, plus receive essential notifications when services are delivered in less than the specified time or when staff are geographically not where they are supposed to be.

The Staff Activity report uses GPS phone data combined with a check-in and check-out timestamp to build up a map-based picture of the day’s events and powerful notifications provide warnings when things are going wrong.

Using the Staff Activity report, pet sitting businesses can be assured that their reputation is being protected by monitoring that all services are being delivered on time, for the specified duration, every time.

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