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Flexible Staff Access Permissions

Flexible, bespoke interfaces

Junior pet sitters right up to the most senior administrators can be granted access to only the parts of the program that are appropriate to their job role using a simple control panel. This means that business managers can flexibly create bespoke interfaces for pet sitters according to their level of seniority and job function. 


Create your own access permissions

To illustrate how this might work for your team, here are some examples of various job roles where staff access requirements are very different:


Junior pet sitters have minimum privileges and are not able to access sensitive information such as phone numbers and email addresses which can be excluded from the interface. 

Senior pet sitters can have access privileges to update client information whereas more junior sitters might not have access to that function. 

Field managers can have access to basic scheduling tools.


Junior administrators can be granted access to basic scheduling functions but with all financial information and reporting functions removed.


Senior office managers can be granted access to all functionality but without the option to create (or, more importantly, block) users from the system. 

Super Users are business managers (or owners) that have access privileges to everything. A super user can grant or deny access to individuals in the system. 

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