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Time Recording, Hourly Pay & Compliance with the Minimum Wage

Accurate monitoring

If you are already an employer or thinking about an employee model, we recommend taking a closer look at our Staff Activity Report. Not only is it a great place to monitor how each pet sitter is progressing with their day, but it also contains accurate timesheet information to support hourly paid employees.  

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Computer showing the timecard export for dog walkers and pet sitters

Time Recording & Hourly Pay

The staff activity report provides summary and detailed timesheet information for each employed pet sitter and can break total time into service time and travel time if required. A powerful shift system ensures that nonchargeable time such as lunch breaks are excluded from the daily timesheet. The timesheet data can be used to calculate hourly pay rates (currently a process performed outside of Pet Sitter Plus). 

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Compliance with the Minimum Wage

For employed pet sitters who are still paid on a “per service” basis there is often a requirement to ensure that the minimum wage has been observed. If this sounds familiar, then a combination of the staff pay report and the staff activity report will work well for your business. While the staff pay report provides “per service” payment information, the accurate timesheet data in the staff activity report will provide everything a business owner needs to ensure compliance with the minimum wage. 

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Service Delivery Managed with GPS Check-in Monitoring

As a business manager you want to know that all your employed pet sitters or contractors are delivering services on time, for the right amount of time, and in the right location, every time. So, to help you manage the quality of service delivery within your business, Pet Sitter Plus contains a powerful interactive map-based report that highlights where pet sitters are located geographically and when they check-in and check-out of their services.  


Notifications provide alerts for administrators that highlight problems with service delivery such as:


Late Check-in 

A warning that a check-in event hasn’t happened or that one has happened but is late.

Short Service 

A warning that a client has not received the correct duration of service.


Locations Too Far Apart 

A warning when check-in and check-out events do not take place at the anticipated locations, indicating the pet sitter was not where they were meant to be. 

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