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Account Summary

Your Client Portal Home Page

The homepage of the client portal is the account summary and is a place where your clients can read important messages, view and pay outstanding invoices and leave tips for sitters. Payment methods can be added including credit or debit card, PayPal or ACH (USA Only). 


Special Client Messages

Need to say something specific? Change the information that is displaying either at the top or the bottom of your account summary with any information that is key to the operation of your business. 

What do I owe?

Clients can view their unpaid invoices in the account summary and make payments using either a credit or debit card via Stripe, PayPal or ACH (USA Only). If any credits have been made to the invoice, these are shown in the summary. 

Tipping made easy! and optional...

Use our tip management system to give your clients the option to leave a tip when they pay their invoice. 

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