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Client Chat (Beta)

Integrated Chat Hub (Beta)

If you are a regular user of Facebook Messenger and WhatsAPP you will be aware of how these technologies have made communication easier, faster and more convenient. This is why Pet Sitter Plus will soon support an integrated chat function that brings the same level of convenience to clients, sitters and business owners alike. 


Securely stored conversations

Our flexible integrated chat technology means that clients, sitters and business managers will be able to engage in message-based conversations before, during and after service delivery with all communication remaining securely stored in the application. An added bonus is that your team of sitters will no longer need access sensitive information like client phone numbers or email addresses.  


Using the Pet Sitter Plus messaging APP, a new level of collaboration will become possible with all business communication recorded in a company chat stream and available to each client in their portal and on their mobile. 

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