Everything your clients could want

For clients using their mobile phones, we provide a fully responsive and feature-rich client portal that works great on smaller devices. The client portal provides all the features you would expect such as client and pet information, invoicing and payments, visit reports, messaging, plus scheduling and cancellations. In addition, there are also many ways to customize the information to your own requirements. 

Mobile showing account summary in client portal for dog walking software in Pet Sitter Plus
Mobile showing pet profile in client portal for dog walking software in Pet Sitter Plus
Mobile showing schedule in client portal for dog walking software in Pet Sitter Plus

Clients can request services online, but you are in control with our two-stage process. Initially your client creates a service request that is received by you for processing. Then you have the opportunity to check your schedule and/or if you have available staff capacity before you confirm the reservation with your client.  

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In this digital world, messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have increased the velocity and convenience of communication... so why should Pet Sitter Plus be any different? Check out our integrated chat hub.

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Effectively the homepage for the client portal, the account summary is a place where your clients can read important messages, view and pay outstanding invoices and leave tips for sitters. Payment methods include credit card, PayPal or ACH (USA Only). 

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The schedule is the place where your clients can view and cancel their services. Your business will have its own cancellation policy which can be configured via a policy manager. If your business requires x days or x hours notice prior to cancellation, no problem. You can even set cancellation deadlines such as 8pm the day before service. 

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Client Invoices & Payments

Clients have access to their entire invoice and payments history in the client portal, plus the ability to download PDF invoice copies for printing at home and see how payments have been allocated. 

Clients can view and update their account information and pet profiles in the client portal in a few clicks, but as the business owner, you remain in control of the information that can be updated and accessed. Use our powerful customization tools to completely customize the client experience. Need to add a questionnaire? Or some policy documents? No problem. 

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