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Dog Boarding Software

Everything you need, and more...

Pet Sitter Plus is the top software used by dog home boarding businesses. This online scheduling and invoicing software system is designed specifically for dog boarding. The software keeps you organized and on top of administrative tasks allowing dog boarders to focus on looking after dogs and growing their businesses.

Pet Sitter Plus is ideal for dog boarding businesses where you may want to allow online bookings, pay your dog boarders in a professional way, keep accurate history of previous stays including the dog's routines, plus easily and simply schedule dogs for their dog boarding stay.


Running a dog boarding business means that you need a full history of your clients, their dogs, vet and routine that enables you and your dog boarders to keep track of all client data and store important information about the routines of the dogs you board. We also offer a client mobile and portal for online booking, instant reports to update owners, online payments, plus simple invoicing. 

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The staff dashboard also provides payment information so that your dog boarders know at all times what they are being paid and who is booked in with them. Booked holidays are notified to administrators via emails so that scheduled bookings can then easily be moved to other dog boarders. 

Our dog boarding software also includes a daily planner, which displays a full list of your dog boarders and their capacity, and enables you to place dogs with dog boarders who have vacancies.

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Changes made in the booking schedule are automatically reflected in the service order and so as a result get automatically included on the invoice. This feature eliminates the chance of dog boarding bookings being missed which is so often the case with manual systems. You can also add non-chargeable services to the schedule, such as adding a "free" walk which is included in the dog boarding package.

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Create professional invoices with our dog boarding software, which can be for the whole period or raise deposit and final invoices too. You clients will love the ability to view their invoice online, and pay with their credit or debit card too. This system will ensure prompt payment of your invoices. Clients can also pay in advance for their dog boarding bookings. Use our powerful integration with QuickBooks Online synchronization to sync clients, invoices, payments, services and more.

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The reporting functions of Pet Sitter Plus are very powerful. It has the ability to summarise lists of outstanding invoices so that non paying clients are easily identifiable. Non paying dog boarding clients can then be contacted via email and a polite reminder with a copy of the invoice proves very effective when it comes to improving cash collection.

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Is your dog boarding software as customizable as you would like? When it comes to client information, pet information and visit reports, Pet Sitter Plus lets you customize in everything. Create your own pages of information, create sections within pages and then store any type of data such as single line fields, true or false fields, date fields, drop down lists and notepads. You can also upload documents, PDFs and images for clients to download.

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Life changing!

"PSP has been life changing for myself and my managers! Tasks that used to take me hours (and hour and hours) like invoicing can now be done in minutes, in bulk! It's also very user friendly and the customer service is top notch! Customer representative and company are responsive and seem eager to hear suggestions and the software continues to improve with regular updates. I highly recommend!

Tess A.

Blissful Buddha Pet Services

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