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Pet Sitter Plus: Release Version 6.0! Coming to a Server near you in 2019...

A brand new responsive interface with all functionality delivered to mobile Here at Pet

Sitter Plus our development team has been working very hard to deliver the biggest update to PSP since our company first launched. During 2018 the team has been focused almost exclusively on the re-development of the Pet Sitter Plus interface so that in 2019 we will be delivering a brand-new experience to our users including a fantastic new look and feel with all functionality delivered direct to your mobile devices. From early 2019 there will be only one version of PSP which works seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices representing a step change in flexibility and convenience. Access to every function in the PSP family of products will be easier, more consistent and more modern across any size device. Here is a short video to show you just a few of the main features of the new interface:

Called Release V6, this innovative new design will be available sometime early in 2019 and after a period of bedding in, will be followed by a resumption of regularly delivered new releases. When will I see release Version 6.0? We are working hard to get release Version 6 on Beta (its an Alpha release at present) and we are planning to give you, our valued client, optional access to try out the new interface (using your own data) sometime early in 2019. When this happens, you will be issued with a new URL that you can optionally use to access and test the new interface. Will I still be able to use the old product interface? Yes. When the new interface goes on general release, (we will tell you when this is happening), you will find that your old interface has changed to the new one. If you are someone who needs a little more time to get comfortable with new things, or if you are managing a big business then you might need a period to adjust. To help you to make the transition at your own pace, you will still be able to access the old product interfaces (desktop and mobile) for a considerable period of months after Version 6.0 is released. Summary

  • Early in 2019 you will be issued with a new URL so that you can try out release Version 6.0 for yourself.

  • Shortly after that we will tell you when we are switching you to the new interface and you can rest assured that you will still have access to the old interfaces for some time.

  • Shortly after the release of Version 6.0 we will then resume our normal pattern of regular releases into 2019 which will include:

  • CALENDAR VIEW & SITTER TIME OFF: A new calendar view that supports improved presentation of sitter time off. This release will include new functionality to capture recurring sitter time off and partial days off with management approval workflow.

  • THREE WAY COMMUNICATION HUB: The introduction of a three-way sitter / admin / client communication system to enable clients to communicate "WhatsApp Style" with staff and managers, reducing the need for direct email and text.

  • APPS: The introduction of our app which incrementally (over a few releases) will support offline access to scheduling information for sitters along with support for full walk tracking.

  • CLIENT PORTAL MAJOR REFRESH: A refresh of the client portal bringing this part of our product into line with the new V6.0 responsive interface.

After what has been a very long journey of discovery in 2018, we are excited that 2019 will be a year when we resume the delivery of real innovation to you our valued clients, helping you to maintain your competitive edge in the pet service market. I hope this information helps and if you have any further questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing It only remains to wish you all a very peaceful and happy time this Holiday Season and a very prosperous New Year! Best regards Richard

Richard Booty CEO, Pet Sitter Plus


Find out more about how Pet Sitter Plus can help your dog daycare business by signing up for a FREE 30-DAY no obligation Trial or ask us for a Demonstration of the software.


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