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Powerful Schedule Views

See things your way

At Pet Sitter Plus we understand that scheduling pet sitting services can be challenging, which is why we have built useful flexibility into our feature-rich set of scheduling tools. 

We’ve made it easy for schedulers to access the data they need to create schedules that flow and to deliver these to any device. Client and pet information, previous visit reports and check-in and check-out data is never more than a few mouse clicks away. Schedulers can monitor the days progress in real time with flags that show when services have been acknowledged, completed and when visit reports have been sent. Pack walkers can easily identify groups of services and powerful options exist to filter by sitter, date, geographic area and service type. You can also isolate services where a key is not yet in the right place and ensure pricing and compensation values are correct (subject to access permissions). 


Convenient Clear Presentation of Schedules

For sure, schedulers need access to detailed information, but crucially they also want to be able to see the bigger picture, clearly represented. At Pet Sitter Plus we understand that clear scheduling layouts are of huge importance, so whether you are a solo business or you employ 140 pet sitters, being able to view your schedule in a format that is clear and easy to understand is essential.


To help with this, Pet Sitter Plus organises your day into a configurable list view or, alternatively, a customizable 4-column view which could represent, for example, 4 time periods of your day or 4 different service types (such as Walking, Visits, Overnights & Daycare). 

Easy identification of Groups for Pack Walking

There are many different models in the pet sitting industry from pack (group) walks to businesses that provide a one-to-one dog walk and pet visit service. Pet Sitter Plus supports both “one-to-one” and “pack walking” models with schedule views that support easy identification and management of pack or group walks. 

Fast access to the information you need

When you are scheduling you generally need access to information fast using as few mouse clicks as possible. So if you are looking for a schedule that is powerful where drilling into detailed information has been made as simple as possible, you are in good hands.


If you need to drill into important client information? It's one mouse click. If you need to filter the schedule for just one Pet Sitter? It's one mouse click. If you want to see the whole order for a client? Yes, its just one mouse click. So why not take Pet Sitter Plus for a spin and see what we mean. 

See daily progress in real time

For businesses that manage teams of pet sitters, spotting problems fast is the key to avoiding difficulty with your day. The Pet Sitter Plus schedule has 3 configurable badges that illuminate in real time to help schedulers track progress. The "acknowledge" badge illuminates when pet sitters acknowledge their work in the morning which is a useful way to say “Hi - I’ve seen my schedule and I am on the case”. The "complete" badge illuminates when sitters complete their work at the end of service, and the "service report" badge illuminates when the visit report has been sent.  

Powerful Advanced Filters

Just as when you can't see the wood for the trees, if your schedule contains too much information you might not be able to see what you are looking for. This is why the Pet Sitter Plus schedule supports advanced filters to enable schedulers to exclude information that might be that is getting in the way.


Use filters to exclude cancelled items or view cancelled items only. Isolate services that are “first services” or “last services” that may require special attention. View one geographic area for scrutiny or one type of service (eg. Dog Walks) to get the focus you need.   

Zoom Function

How do you like your scheduling information, detailed or summarised? Well the answer to that is probably "both", which is why Pet Sitter Plus has a zoom function. Use the + and – controls to switch between levels of Zoom, moving from a compact summary view to a detailed expanded view. The Zoom function is incredibly useful for schedulers who quickly need to switch between a detailed view and a “big picture” summary view. 

Key Movement Reports

Most schedulers keep a checklist of tasks that need to be completed before the day can begin. One item on that checklist might be to view services where a key is still required by the sitter assigned to the service, by using the “Required Keys” filter. A fabulous bonus if you want to understand the key movements that have yet to be completed to make the day go well. 

View Revenue & Staff Pay

Business owners love the fact that with Pet Sitter Plus you get to see revenue and staff pay for every service in every schedule view that you run. Not only does this help prevent pricing and staff pay errors but it also provides a useful insight into the revenue generated by each trading period. Access controls will remove this sensitive information for more junior scheduling staff. 

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