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Image of richard booty CEO of Pet Sitter Plus dog walker software

Jessica Slowik

Software Coach & Support Analyst

Jessica used Pet Sitter Plus extensively during her time with one of the largest pet care companies on the East Coast. She started out as a Pet Care Professional and moved into an Assistant Pack Leader role, ultimately implementing a new position as the Logistics Leader that enabled the business to create more efficient routing and scheduling routines.

During 2020, she took her logistical experience into the Escrow/Title world. Using the skills she had gained in Pet Care, she spent her time communicating and developing a rapport with clients which she found very enjoyable. She is delighted to have come back into the Pet Care world and looks forward to helping Pet Sitter Plus clients in both the USA and Australasia to get the most out of their software.

During her down time, she loves to go hiking with her family. Jessica currently resides in Las Vegas, NV after relocating extensively in the US for several years. She loves that there are lots of hiking locations just a stone's throw away and when the family goes hiking, they are often joined by their dog Wrigley, a 7lbs 5-year-old Pomeranian annnnnnd he's a talker!

Jessica is also a travel enthusiast who loves to experience different cultures and try new foods. Her daughter, 18 made them very proud in joining the US Navy and her son, 13 is a talented pianist and passionate chess player.

Jessica Slowik

Life Saver!

"Saves me a lot of time with scheduling and an excellent way
to invoice clients. They continue to update the software and add
new features. I love it, I cannot imagine running my business
without this it."

Caroline L

Urban Paw Print

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