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Technical FAQs

Answers to your Technical Questions


All you need to access Pet Sitter Plus is a unique website address or URL (which we provide) plus a login email address and a password which you must not share with anyone. There is no software to install and no technical skills required.

Pet Sitter Plus is developed to work on any browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. If you do not already use one of these browsers, they can be installed exclusively to run Pet Sitter Plus. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari are browsers that will work alongside any browser you currently use and are available for both PC and Mac.

Pet Sitter Plus is hosted on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, one of the safest and most reliable online hosting environments commercially available.

Who Owns My Data?

You do. You are able to download your full client list and invoice information via reporting once you are live. Our privacy policy states that we will never use your data for any purpose other than to support you in your use of our software.

Does Pet Sitter Plus Integrate with accounting solutions such as Quickbooks and Xero?

Many people who already use an accounting software package such as Quickbooks or Xero understandably feel they would like some sort of integration, so we are planning to introduce integration with both QuickBooks and Xero.


These are development project which are currently on our short term roadmap.

How Is My Data Backed Up?

Live copies of all our client's databases are stored on a redundant disk array. This means that our cloud based hosting solution is resilient to disk failures. At Pet Software Ltd, we take a nightly snapshot (backup) of each database.

You can if you want to but this is not required. Pet Sitter Plus has a full accounts receivable module that provides aged debt analysis, advanced credit control functions, account statements and Sales Tax/VAT/GST analysis. Due to the advanced functionality within Pet Sitter Plus you only have to post day/week or even month totals of cash received to balance your expense management system to Pet Sitter Plus.

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