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Software Coach FAQs

Answers to your Questions about becoming a Software Coach

Laptop showing communication with Pet Sitter Plus software coach

After you have been assigned a free trial your first job is to call the client to make sure you understand their requirements and to fix up their first overview session.


After that your role is to help the client to

  • understand the benefits of Pet Sitter Plus and

  • implement Pet Sitter Plus.


You will typically provide between one and four overview/training sessions per client spread over a series of weeks. The purpose of the training is to assist the client to become proficient at using Pet Sitter Plus. 

You will be talking with your clients for up to 2 hours at a time over the phone or via Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts.

Pet Sitter Plus does not sell by cold calling its customers. We have an advanced digital marketing program that encourages clients to signup for a 30 day free trial or demonstration overview. There is no cold calling involved in this role.

Yes, you will need training which generally takes place over a period of 2 - 4 weeks before you start taking on assignments. Training sessions are one-to one-with your manager (generally over Zoom) and last around 2 - 3 hours. There are practice exercises to take away from training sessions which help with learning. 

Pet Sitter Plus software coaches all work from home remotely, there is no travelling involved. You will speak to your customers via Zoom, Teams, Skype or Google Hangouts or Phone.

Do you pay my phone bill?

As a Pet Sitter Plus software coach you will be provided with a fully expensed mobile phone.

What hours will I be required to work?

This job is very flexible and you can typically fit your two hour client consultation and training sessions around your other responsibilities and commitments. Having said that, a lot of our clients are themselves busy pet sitters who are only available during the evenings and weekends, so inevitably there is some evening and weekend work. 

I already have another job. If I become a Pet Sitter Plus software coach, will my new role fit around my other job?

Yes, as long as you have enough hours spare per week - typically between 15-20 hours - you will be able to fit this around your current commitments.

It does not really matter where you live. We like our clients to be trained by coaches based in their geographic location, whether it's the UK, USA or AUS/NZ, but apart from that, your location is not particularly relevant.

It is important however that coaches live at a fixed address and have access at all times to an excellent internet connection. We do not accept people who live a travelling lifestyle and who therefore rely on mobile broadband connections.

Does it matter if my internet connection is poor?

You will need a good quality fast broadband connection in order to be able to perform your duties. You cannot do this job with a poor quality or intermittent internet connection.

Do I need to be in an office?

Not really. If you work in an office and you like being in an office that is fine, but it is not a requirement of the job. You can be working from home or in an office.

Having said that, you will be talking to clients for up to 2 hours at a time so if you are working from home or an office, you will need a place that is quiet and free from distractions and noise.

What can I earn?

Income is based on a percentage of subscription revenue and is cumulative. Income starts small and grows over time.

There is no limit to what you can earn, but typically income is between US$30,000 (£23,500 / AUD$45,000) and US$50,000 (£39,500 / AUD$75,000) a year.


These figures are achievable by working part time and figures quoted assume three years in the job. 


On top of this you can also earn extra income by providing support to our clients as a support analyst. The hourly pay rates for this role are generous and income depends on your skill level and the time you can commit.

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